A weekend in Monterey and 683 photos later, I have made certain discoveries.

Photography lessons learned:

  1. Golden hour is awesome.
  2. Golden hour is short. As in, less than an hour.
  3. Even with a low-light lens, taking in focus, decently lit shots in an aquarium is hard.
  4. Jellyfish move faster than I thought they did.
  5. So do otters.
  6. So do fish.
  7. So do turtles.
  8. In fact, pretty much everything except puffin and anemones dart around as if they were in NASCAR.

Social lessons learned:

  1. Children have an unparalleled sense of viewing entitlement and are not afraid to exercise it with tiny fists and elbows.
  2. Getting a foot run over with a loaded stroller is surprisingly uncomfortable.
  3. Very small children find fish boring no matter how many times you tell them they shouldn’t. Hire someone to sit with them at the otters and go enjoy the fish by yourself.
  4. The “No Flash” signs are apparently for suckers. (The irony being the flash bounces off the glass and creates reflections and chromatic aberrations and generally gives you worse photos than you would have taken if you’d left it off.)