Dharma Twilight

Tucked in among pixelated orphan sheep and “Osama bin Laden execution video” viruses there it was on Facebook: “Clearly poised to fill in the gap that will be left when the legendary Bodhi Tree Bookstore on Melrose closes its doors in the Fall of 2011.”

My gaze moved on, paused, went back. Wait, what? I’d already forgotten the name of whatever upstart thought to supplant an ancient oak with a bonsai sapling. The Bodhi Tree is closing?

It isn’t gone yet, but it will be soon. After forty years, age and digital media taking their toll, the owners are ready to retire. The property has been sold and though they are seeking likeminded souls to spirit away to a new home an inventory spanning ages and continents of metaphysical seeking and losing and finding, how could the genius loci be the same? It isn’t gone quite yet but its going is a certainty, and I’ve already begun a quiet mourning.

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