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Last Days

Ten years after a nearly fatal hemorrhagic stroke, six years after she and my father’s combined decline resulted in a radical uprooting of her life, my mother’s often painful journey through old age is ended.

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Dispatches from the Exercise Front

If there’s a gene for proclivity to exercise, my family doesn’t have it. Give me a choice between a vigorous bike ride and curling up with a book and I’ll take the book every time. I got away with it in my twenties because a heavy backpack and a university built on a steep hill forced a certain amount of exertion. And even in my thirties, when working for a string of start-ups and small consulting companies meant long hours, erratic eating, and lots of calorie-burning stress.

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The New New Car Experience

Our new Forester is the third car my husband and I have bought together, and over the years we’ve developed strategies for, if not minimizing our own irritation and discomfort, at least spreading it around a little.

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