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Where does the text end and “enviro-agitprop” begin?

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The New New Car Experience

Our new Forester is the third car my husband and I have bought together, and over the years we’ve developed strategies for, if not minimizing our own irritation and discomfort, at least spreading it around a little.

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Diablo: Lord of Terribad

Diablo II is the first videogame I remember developing an obsession with. I played every character class through to the endgame (except for the necromancer: in minion-on-minion action at the beginning of Act IV even my most powerful golem crumpled like paper before Hell’s candy-aura-fisted skeletons and left me reduced to a puddle of goo before I could say, “Hey, where did everybody go?”).

I never got tired of Deckard Cain’s craggy voice. I think I had a bit of a crush on Tyrael (I watched the final cinematic in Lord of Destruction where he destroyed the Worldstone to prevent the corruption of humanity – well, numerous times). But a lot of games have come and gone in the twelve years between the Diablos. The best narratives approach the complexity of a good novella. NPC interactions have become more – interactive. So after all these years, how does Diablo III’s story measure up?

My husband and I have finished a regular play through with my demon hunter and his barbarian and are halfway through nightmare with his wizard and my monk. So I can’t say we’re not enjoying it. And yet as the tired tropes and unintentional hilarity multiply there’s this little niggling at the back of my mind. After twelve years, Blizzard, this is the best you could do?

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Snow White and the Buddha

So I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman last weekend despite its 46% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the frequently scathing reviews. Actually I went to see it partly because of the scathing reviews. (And because in the trailer menacing soldiers burst into showers of black shards when struck with swords. That seemed worth watching on a large screen.)

I liked it. I liked the cinematography, I liked the acting and, contrary to received critical wisdom, I liked the story. At least, I liked the story I constructed.

(*spoiler warning* plot details about Snow White and the Huntsman ahead)

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